IMG_3054IMG_3055IMG_3056 MEAL FOR 10 people CHICKEN,RICE,POTATOES,SALAD and DESSERT for ONLY $120 plus tax


 CALL GALO FOR ORDERS 807 767 3030 Combo Each/pcs
Whole Chicken/with rice and potatoes 2 sides (to eat in the whole chicken combo is $30)   MED $27 $16only chicken
Half Chicken/2 sides rice ,potatoes,salad,veggies $16 $10
Quarter Chicken/2 sides rice,potatoes,salad,veggies $10 $5

Rotisserie chicken seasoned with homemade Piri-Piri Sauce. * Piri Piri is not spicy! If you would like your chicken spicy please ask.


Other Meat Dishes Galo Ribs Breaded Pork Cutlets *On occasion: Lamb & Goat & Quail dishes

Hot  Sandwiches $7 – Bifana (pork) $7 – Galo sand (beef) $7 – Breaded Pork (beef Inpanado) $7 – Pull Pork $7 – fish fillet sole also  meals available  from the sand  meats add Rice,Potatoes,veggies or salad

*Meals inculded two choices of sides. (Rice,Potatoes,Vegetables, or Salad.)

Fish Cod Dish Octopus Filet of Sole

Other Favorites Soup (Caldo Verde) Veries Fava Beans Stew Portuguese Chili Chicken Wings

Side Parsian Potatoes Rice Steamed Vegetables Salad * Also Available: Bean Salad, Coleslaw, Pasta Salad and Fava Bean Salad

Desserts Pasteis De Natas (Custard Tards) Coconut Massa (Sweet Bread) Portuguese Donuts, Molotof (gluten free)

*A variety of desserts available: Cheesecake, Malasadas (Elephant Ears) and so much more. Don’t forget to try our AMAZING corn Bread!

Portuguese Coffee, Espresso, Cappucino (Galao) and tea. IMG_0314IMG_1935IMG_1389IMG_0668 ____________Pasta_______Bifanas Pork  sand________Cod in cream_____________Clara Cod______

IMG_0917IMG_0103IMG_2293IMG_2449 Piri Piri Chicken              Bread Pork                  Galo salad                        Fillet fish sole     IMG_3821 Galo wine ribs Cod Cakes and Shimp Patties  

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